Achieving A Good Design

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An artist’s job is to represent a brand by creating a good design. Through designs, we can provide an overview of the message we are trying to send to the general public. People may not know it, but their everyday life involves having to encounter different designs, from a simple packaging of the soap to an elaborate layout of a magazine, these are all intended to deliver whatever they are trying to impose on the public. In many ways, these designs affect us, one way or another. Therefore, in order to bring a positive impact and appropriate message, good design is imperative. Here are some basic things to know when creating your own graphic design.

Make it simple

It is not anymore news to the public that the latest trend for art style is being minimalist. Not that you always have to go minimalist, but most of the times, simplistic styles are more attractive and are being used in campaigns, logos, advertisements, etc. The trick is not to put too many layers or elements in your design. Tell what you want to say with a few words or images in the simplest way possible. The saying can be true, “Less is more.”

Rule of Thirds

This is one of the most popular rule of thumb being observed by most artists in any graphic design agency Richmond. It is a concept that makes an image more interesting by strategic positioning of objects in a frame. Rule of thirds can be done by creating two vertical and horizontal lines, creating four intersections and six equal boxes. The key here is to position your main object into the intersection. This is more appealing when compared to a symmetrical style that can come off as too dull.


Whether you are planning to do your own logo or having a planned layout for your magazine ad, there is a chance that you will be putting some text on it. This is where typography comes in. it is how you execute and position your text. One basic rule to remember, do not use too many different fonts, and if there are some variations, it is usually within the font family. If you are doing it in your own or enlisting the help of a reliable real estate marketing agency, make sure that there is appropriate font choice depending on your theme or campaign. You would be interested I looking at a readable text, right?