How To Plan A Memorable Wedding

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A wedding is a memorable event by default for those who are getting married. It is, after all, the most important day of their lives. But can the same be said for the guests? Will your wedding be in their mind as a memorable event or fade into the background and eventually be wiped out when they participate in other new events? Well, the answer is yes. Chances are that if you do not do anything extraordinary at your wedding, it is not going to be remembered your guests. But how can you make sure that your guests remember your wedding as well as you do? Well, all it takes is a good amount of planning and dedication to the purpose. Here are some tips to guide you.


One of the easiest way to remember a wedding is by its theme. Not many pay enough attention to this and have one for the sake of having one. But you need to really ponder the reason as to why you are having a theme for your wedding. Despite having a theme, some fail to incorporate it in the wedding. Your theme needs to start from the invitation and go on until you send your thank you cards to the guests. In order for this to happen you need to pick a theme that can be easily incorporated. If you are not creatively inclined to think of a theme that runs through the whole wedding, why not work with a local creative agency?

The Food

Another parameter by which weddings are measured up and remembered is through the food. The food needs to match the theme, catered from a good quality caterer and should be creative. Food is a great way to bring out the theme of the wedding but unfortunately, many fail to incorporate the theme in the food as well. If you are working with a creative agency in Sydney, let them work together with your caterer in order to find the best way to incorporate the theme in to the food. You also need to ensure that you hire a caterer with a good reputation for quality. After all, you would not want to be remembered as the couple whose wedding poisoned half the guests!


Another important factor to ensure that your wedding day become memorable to people is to provide them with good entertainment. Many do not remember the date, but they remember the entertaining moments they had at your wedding. So make sure that your guests are appropriately entertained. Let your wedding not only be beautifully decorated or is a great buffet. But also a great party. So think long and hard about the band or the DJ you will be hiring!